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10,000 soldiers—many of them members of the elite Afghan National Army Commando Corps—have fought their way out of Taliban encirclement to join the National Resistance Front. Most Afghan units were not lost in battle against the Taliban, but rather were ordered to cease fire by provincial governors in exchange for the personal safety of those in power. More soldiers and common civilians who believe in the cause join the resistance every day.


The resistance has liberated multiple provincial capitals of Afghanistan, holding them until the Pakistani Air Force (in contravention of all international norms) launched an aerial bombardment of resistance positions. Nonetheless, the Taliban itself has not and cannot defeat soldiers who are ready to fight, and the troops of the National Resistance Front are.

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General John W. Nicholson, Jr.

"The commandos have never lost a battle... The Taliban have never won against the commandos, and they never will."



Ringed by stunning mountains, the Panjshir Valley is a guerrilla's paradise from which a determined force can resist a much larger one with relative ease. The "Lion of Panjshir" Ahmad Shah Massoud kept the Soviets and Taliban at bay for decades as they tried to pacify the Panjshir Valley, and now his son and compatriots from the first Northern Alliance will do the same.