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Taliban forces stretched thin by resistance in Panjshir and nationwide

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Continued resistance in Panjshir is tying up thousands of Taliban troops and revealing a fundamental shortage of manpower. Taliban forces have been pulled en masse from districts across the country to garrison the occupation of Panjshir, leaving countless posts and checkpoints abandoned, such as this one in Gulbahar:

Taliban flag flies over an unmanned checkpoint in Gulbahar

Eyewitnesses in many towns have reported seeing only two or three Taliban fighters where there used to be dozens. On Wednesday, a resistance attack overwhelmed the remaining Taliban in Ishkashim district of Badakhshan, necessitating the redeployment of Taliban forces from Faisalabad to contain the attack.

The Taliban is estimated as having only 75,000 fighters. The U.S. military, a vastly better-trained and better-armed force, required 110,000 troops at its peak to garrison the country. The Taliban’s hold on Afghanistan is tenuous at best, and with the formation of resistance groups in Herat and other cities, may be in serious jeopardy.

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