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Taliban evacuates materiel from Panjshir amidst fears of capture by NRF

Fearing an NRF offensive, the Taliban garrison in Panjshir has been spotted by locals moving military supplies out of the valley. The choice to evacuate stockpiled weapons and ammunition rather than retain them for use in combat (and risk their capture) suggests a lack of confidence by the Taliban in their ability to hold the length of the valley against a resistance attack. In Panjshir, the stakes are growing higher as both sides seek to consolidate their positions before the onset of winter.

Lead vehicle in a Taliban supply convoy evacuating Panjshir

The Taliban may be feeling pressure from their rear as well. Mahdi Rasikh, previously member of the Wolesi Jirga representing Maidan Wardak, has formed a resistance group in his home province as of last week. Numbering several hundred strong, they have pledged allegiance to Ahmad Massoud and the National Resistance Front.

MP Mahdi Rasikh (in black) leading resistance fighters in Maidan Wardak

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