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Taliban assault on Panjshir repulsed on all fronts

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

In the last several days, the National Resistance Front has given ground in Baghlan to conserve its forces, inflicting heavy casualties on the Taliban in defensive fighting. Most recently, Taliban militants attempted to attack Panjshir from Gulbahar (Parwan Province) in the west and through the Khawak Pass (Baghlan Province) in the north. Resistance forces decisively repulsed both attacks, forcing the Taliban to abandon many of their armoured vehicles. As Taliban fighters retreated away from the Khawak Pass and from Gulbahar to Charikar, Commander Hasib Panjshiri delivered a warning to any future attackers: "You can enter the [Panjshir] Valley, but you won't leave." The wrecked Soviet tanks that still litter the Panjshir Valley serve as stark evidence of his claim.

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