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RETRACTED: Tajikistan airdrops supplies

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

We strive for a high level of accuracy in reporting events as they occur. Due to the complex information environment in Afghanistan, we sift through often-conflicting sources daily—including an immense amount of pro-Taliban disinformation—to publish our most accurate understanding of what the true events are. Sometimes, we still get it wrong (and we will always correct the record when we do).

This was one of those cases. Former Vice President Ahmad Zia Massoud and Commander Amanullah Guzar did arrive from Tajikistan on Monday, but the helicopter photo in question was taken in 2011. Officially, Tajikistan has denied providing logistical support to the resistance. We apologise for the error.

Original text of the article:

The Northern Alliance received limited but much-needed supplies from Tajikistan on Monday morning. Helicopters of the Tajik Air Force brought in military equipment, ammunition, and food for resistance fighters and the civilian population of Panjshir.

Thank you to the people and government of Tajikistan. To the people and nations of the West, please lend your support as well, and as soon as possible.

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