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Secretary Blinken announces re-evaluation of U.S.-Pakistani relationship

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced this week that the United States would be re-evaluating its relationship with Pakistan in light of the latter state's detrimental role to peace and democracy in Afghanistan. It has long been an open secret that Pakistan, and especially its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), has supported the Taliban for decades both financially and militarily.

For example, neutral parties and Afghanistan observers universally believe that Pakistan evacuated hundreds of top Taliban commanders and advisors by air from Kunduz in 2001 as the Northern Alliance were on the verge of capturing the city, a move commonly known as the Airlift of Evil. Both the Pakistani and American militaries deny the airlift's obvious occurrence, as the United States has historically tolerated Pakistan's support of the Taliban in exchange for their cooperation in separate geopolitical matters. It appears, however, that this tolerance may soon be coming to an end.

While long overdue, the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan praises this shift in U.S. policy. Pakistan's military support of the Taliban has facilitated egregious war crimes in Panjshir that would not have occurred without the Pakistan Air Force's bombing campaign, which paved the way for Taliban and ISI fighters to enter the civilian population centers of the valley. Furthermore, Pakistani financing sustained the Taliban between 2001 and 2021, enabling them to lie in wait for decades to seize power again.

All the while, the United States was providing billions in military aid to Pakistan, some of which went into the same coffers that funded the Taliban. With the re-evaluation of U.S.-Pakistani ties, perhaps those funds can be reallocated to support the truest partner the West has found in decades of combating transnational terrorism: the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan. Until then, the NRF needs financial assistance to stay in the fight. Please consider lending us your support today:

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