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Rogue Taliban members killing former security officials in Kandahar

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Reports have emerged that a rogue group of Taliban members in Kandahar are hunting down former intelligence officials and police officers in the province. They have killed 20 men so far and appear to have information on many others. Perhaps surprisingly, this is not at the direction of Taliban leadership in Kabul, who are believed to have no control over this group of fighters.

These murders highlight two very troubling realities in Afghanistan:

  1. Despite false promises of “amnesty”, the lives of the former security forces are severely in danger. This is the latest of countless incidents where men have laid down their arms only to be brutally murdered later (such as the ex-security director of Farah).

  2. Taliban-ruled Afghanistan will not be a stable place. Those who believe there will at least be calm with the Taliban in power are sorely mistaken. This incident, among others, underscores the inability of Taliban leadership to maintain domestic security in Afghanistan, which under their rule will become a breeding ground for crime and terrorism.

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