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Resistance in Panjshir continues, Massoud to speak soon

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Contrary to Taliban claims, the National Resistance Front remains active and fighting in Panjshir. The primary threat to our forces is the Pakistan Air Force, now conducting sorties on behalf of the Taliban and allied Al-Qaeda fighters. The overall offensive is believed to be commanded by Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, director of Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Aerial bombardment has forced the NRF to abandon some positions, but resistance continues in the valley against Taliban fighters and ISI commandos. His Excellency Ahmad Massoud is also still in the fight and will be delivering an address in the near future. (Update: listen to Ahmad Massoud’s address here, see translation here)

After decades of covert support for the Taliban, Pakistan’s active entry into the war expands a domestic conflict into an international one. The National Resistance Front now stands strong—but alone—against the multinational forces of terror that conspired to kill thousands of civilians on 9/11. Pakistani financing also means the NRF is faced with a better-funded enemy. Please, help close this gap so we can resist the Taliban on even terms:

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