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Resistance forces liberate districts in Baghlan Province

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

In the last 36 hours, National Resistance Front fighters have pushed the Taliban out of Pul-e-Hesar and regained significant ground in Andarab. Currently, resistance forces are believed to hold two-thirds of the latter district. The Taliban is expected to regroup and use superiority of numbers to force the NRF’s withdrawal (a necessary move to preserve our forces), but these offensives serve a number of valuable purposes:

  • Preventing the Taliban from solidifying their control of occupied areas;

  • Liberating political and military prisoners; and

  • Seizing supplies necessary for sustaining our troops

Resistance fighters in Pul-e-Hesar hold up a captured Taliban flag

Perhaps most important of all, these operations show the people of Afghanistan and the world that the forces of the National Resistance Front are the Taliban’s greater in an even fight. Indeed, the Taliban had not seized an inch of the Panjshir Valley until the intervention of the Pakistani Air Force and ISI. When the international community decides that the cause of human rights in Afghanistan is one worth supporting, the NRF will prevail over the Taliban and restore democracy to Afghanistan.

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