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Pakistan bombs Panjshir to open the way for ISI and Taliban fighters

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

An alliance of Taliban fighters and Pakistani special forces have entered the Panjshir Valley in the wake of a major bombing campaign by the Pakistan Air Force. Fighting continues in the valley, but with Pakistan increasing its support for the Taliban, the National Resistance Front faces a better-funded and better-armed enemy. Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, director of Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), was photographed in Kabul earlier today and is believed to be commanding the attack on Panjshir. The ISI, Pakistan's covert operations and intelligence agency, has been one of the Taliban's major supporters for decades and was responsible for the "Airlift of Evil" in 2001, when they flew out hundreds of top commanders and members of the Taliban near Kunduz who were on the verge of capture by U.S. and Northern Alliance forces.

ISI Director Faiz Hameed seen in Kabul meeting with Taliban leadership

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