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NRF resurgence in Panjshir traps hundreds of Taliban fighters

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

The National Resistance Front has recaptured Rukha in southwestern Panjshir, near the entrance to the valley. This cuts off Taliban fighters in the Panjshir Valley from retreat, and from reinforcement. Over 100 Taliban are reported by Afghan commandos to have been killed. In their desperation to reassert control over Panjshir, Taliban fighters have killed scores of women, children, and elders. As of today, we know of the murder of 17 innocent civilians in Marz, 13 in Abdara, 8 in Piyawsht, and 4 in Bakhshikhel. Despite—and because of—this deplorable loss of life, the fight continues. The Taliban's genocidal behaviour here demonstrates the depths of their depravity and unfitness to govern the nation.

While the NRF is determined in its resistance, the escalated fighting of recent days is taking a substantial toll on our ammunition and medical reserves. Resupply is possible, but requires the acquisition of those supplies from neighbouring countries. Please consider helping finance these urgently needed purchases:

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