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National Resistance Front calls for international boycott of highly troubling Taliban cabinet

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The National Resistance Front has called for the global community to withhold accreditation of Taliban ministers in international dialogue and intergovernmental organisations. Going further, Gen. Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, NRF Minister of Defense, has called for sanctions on any nation that legitimises the Taliban cabinet by sending delegates to its inauguration. Particularly troubling about the Taliban's cabinet formation is its universally Pashtun composition (in a country where 58% belong to other ethnicities), and the absence of even a single female minister. The exclusion of over half of Afghanistan's population from leadership proves that their "newfound commitment" to women's education and employment is nothing but a sham.

The Taliban's all-male slate of cabinet ministers

The old Kabul government was not perfect⁠—far from it, and when the democratic governance returns to Afghanistan, many reforms must be made⁠—but women were active members of the nation's leadership, leading cabinet ministries and representing Afghanistan on the international stage. Among many others, we commend Suraya Dalil for her service as Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Farida Momand for her leadership of the Ministry of Education, Amina Afzali for her leadership of the Ministry of Labor, and Delbar Nazari for her leadership of the Ministry of Women's Affairs – a department abolished by the Taliban in a final insult to the progress made in the last 20 years for women's equality in Afghanistan.

Former Cabinet ministers Suraya Dalil, Farida Momand, Amina Afzali, and Delbar Nazari (from L to R)

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