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Military situation in Panjshir region as September begins

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

At the end of August, the National Resistance Front retreated from Baghlan Province to preserve its forces and consolidate positions on other fronts. Having fortified the mountain crossings into Panjshir, including Anjuman Pass and Khawak Pass, the resistance has been able to repel several attacks on the province, inflicting heavy losses on the Taliban in the process. Most recently, resistance forces struck back in the immediate aftermath of a failed Taliban offensive on the southeastern front. The counterattack took dozens of prisoners, captured armoured vehicles and artillery pieces, and regained a resistance foothold in Parwan Province.

Please consider supporting the National Resistance Front to help fund the continued defense of the Panjshir region.

Credit: Site contributors Doktor Kure#4077, Solar#4508

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