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Hazara militias mobilize to fight the Taliban

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

After weeks of violent oppression by the Taliban, including the deportation of 800 Hazara families, militia groups have mobilized to protect Hazara people from further abuses. The largest of these is believed to be led by Commander Alipour in Wardak, one of the provinces that form Hazarajat. A famed guerilla leader, Alipour has been in a major regional figure in the war against the Taliban for several years now, sometimes with and sometimes without the support of the Kabul government.

Alipour directs forces in Wardak Province

While these forces operate independently of the National Resistance Front, the NRF supports their fight to protect the Hazara population and all other people of Wardak from the abuses of the Taliban. The right of ethnic minorities to self-preservation in the face of oppression and destruction cannot be disputed. Elsewhere in Hazarajat, tensions are running high with the Taliban's execution of the former police chief of Ghazni. His murder, after two months in their custody without trial, proves once more that the Taliban's "general amnesty" is in reality a slow extermination, and underscores the need for Afghans to take up arms in self-defense—as the Hazaras have.

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