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Four women’s rights activists murdered in Afghanistan

This week, the bodies of four Afghan women’s rights activists were found and identified. Among them was Frozan Safi, a highly respected economist and activist from Mazar-i-Sharif whose face had been so destroyed by gunfire that she could only be identified by her clothes and belongings. Due to their historical and current practices of violent misogyny, suspicion has immediately fallen on the Taliban for the murders.

Frozan Safi, age 29 at the time of her murder

Some Taliban sources have claimed these women’s deaths were the doing of ISIS-K rather than Taliban forces. Even if this were true, Frozan Safi and her colleagues’ blood is still on their hands. At every stage since their takeover, the Taliban have failed to protect women from violence, frequently been the ones to perpetrate that violence, and created the conditions for ISIS-K and other extremist groups to thrive.

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