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Ex-security director of Farah murdered by Taliban

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Despite ostensible Taliban offers for "amnesty" and "peaceful reconciliation", it is imperative that the Northern Alliance maintains an armed posture until we can be confident that their desire for reconciliation is genuine. Events that have unfolded in the past week strongly suggest the opposite. Yesterday brought another, with the murder of the former security director of Farah. He had laid down arms weeks ago and was traveling between Farah and Kabul—all Taliban-held territory—when he was stopped, pulled from his vehicle, and summarily executed. The Taliban's current style of retaliation appears to be what could pass for peace in the first weeks of occupation, followed by slow but deliberate removal of their former adversaries. Make no mistake: this is not an improvement from their previous terrorising of the Afghan people, simply a shift in tactics.

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