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Ahmad Massoud still in Panjshir, invited to speak at the European Parliament

Taliban and Pakistani disinformation sources have been alleging for over a week now that Ahmad Massoud has fled Afghanistan, among fake news about the National Resistance Front and its leadership. It is impossible to refute every one of the Taliban propaganda machine's lies given the sheer number of them, but this one is so patently false that we will take the time to do so. In this photo, dated 13 September 2021, Ahmad Massoud is seen alongside NRF fighters in what are clearly the mountains of Panjshir:

Ahmad Massoud has not and will not abandon the people of Panjshir. His father, Ahmad Shah Massoud, was the only commander of the Northern Alliance to stay in Afghanistan (save for diplomatic travel) for the entirety of its decades-long struggle against the Soviet Union and the Taliban ‒ surrender is not in the Massoud dictionary, as Ahmad Massoud told French political figure Bernard-Henri Lévy at the start of this conflict.

Reprising his father's role as the Afghan people's foremost advocate on the global stage, Ahmad Massoud may soon travel to Brussels to address the European Parliament at their invitation, extended yesterday. Taliban and Pakistani propaganda will surely suggest he has fled the country, but make no mistake: Ahmad Massoud will return—with Europe's backing of the National Resistance Front, ready to drive the Taliban out of Panjshir and restore liberty in Afghanistan.

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