Kabul may have fallen, but Afghanistan has not. President Amrullah Saleh and Chairman Ahmad Massoud have formed a coalition with former Northern Alliance leaders and together, they lead thousands of fighters committed to the defense of the Afghan people. Based in Panjshir, the birthplace of the first Northern Alliance, the National Resistance Front will liberate Afghanistan from the Taliban and bring freedom back to its citizens.

Northern Alliance flag raised in Panjshir.jpg


The National Resistance Front fights in pursuit of five aims:

  1. Establish social justice, equality, and political and cultural pluralism

  2. Provide freedom for all Afghans

  3. Uphold women's rights and human rights

  4. Revive rational Islam in Afghanistan

  5. Preserve democracy in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a multicultural state. For lasting peace, only decentralization of the political system and the adoption of political pluralism will ensure the equal distribution of power between all people—regardless of ethnicity, gender, or religion—and enable women and men to enjoy their full rights as citizens and human beings while preserving their cultural identities.